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watchicon.com - is a modern internet project of hours of premium and deluxe-class, focused on Russian-speaking audience worldwide. We present the information only to the best watch brands including A. Lange & Sӧhne, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Panerai and others.

We set a goal – to provide timely and objective qualitative information of the watch world. On pages watchicon.com you will find everything from the history of the brand and new products time to review the most significant items of the largest auction houses in the world. Also at your disposal a convenient, hour-to-date directory of official contact with an indication of stores in Russia for each model.

We try to form an understanding of what a good watch on your wrist – not just an expensive toy and prestigious accessory, saying the owner is successful, security, self-confident person with impeccable taste.

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